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Smooth Cravings has an exciting announcement just for you. We're launching an exclusive promotion that gives you the incredible opportunity to use your customer rewards to earn a FREE HOLIDAY! and the best part is - it's as easy as enjoying delicious smoothies with us!

use your smooth cravings rewards to unlock your
dream getaway of upto 8days/7nights

Imagine yourself soaking up the sun on pristine sandy beaches or exploring mesmerising natural wonders, all while your accommodation expenses are fully taken care of by your holiday accommodation voucher. Through our exclusive partnership with a top vacation group, we're thrilled to offer you a chance to vacation on your reward points with Smooth Cravings. Get ready to pack your bags, as we have holiday accommodation vouchers for 4 Days/3 Nights accommodation in various Australian locations or 8 Days/7 Nights at enticing overseas spots, including beautiful Bali! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to earn a holiday with your reward points, all whilst enjoying our delicious smoothies.

Get a FREE



Unlock your holiday accommodation voucher with just $500 in spending! Every time you make a purchase in-store, your expenditure will contribute towards reaching the $500 target. Once your cumulative spending hits $500, we'll reward you with an exclusive holiday accommodation voucher.

For a smoother process, grab our exclusive Smooth Cravings Rewards Card during your next visit. Simply ask our staff, and they'll be delighted to provide it. On the back you’ll find 25 boxes to be checked off with each qualifying purchase, tracking your journey to a dream holiday!

Why not get your Dream HOLIDAY Instantly with a Smooth Cravings Gift Card

Instantly receive your holiday accommodation voucher by purchasing a $500 Gift Card and enjoy the Smooth Cravings experience along the way.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit one of our stores today and start your journey towards a free holiday with Smooth Cravings! Your dream adventure is just a few smoothies away.

Terms and Conditions Apply: This promotion is valid for a limited time only. Vacation vouchers are subject to availability and may have specific terms and conditions from our vacation group partner. See in store for more details. The indiviual awarded the holiday accommodation voucher may elect to use it for personal use or transfer it to any other individual as a gift. The holiday accommodation voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.

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